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Joshua Gilchrist

makeup artist

Joshua Gilchrist

Madison, WI

Find your perfect look with Joshua!

My name Is Joshua, I am a professional Makeup Artist of 5 years right now, I enjoy all forms of makeup from everyday makeup, Bridal, Film/Tv, Theatre and even Fashion/catwalk. I do free-hand makeup to airbrush makeup as well. I love working with any and everyone no matter what you looking for. I also teach makeup lessons free hand or airbrush. If you are just a person that wants more experience applying your makeup or your an aspiring Makeup artist and are wanting to enhance your skills, I am the person for all of your needs.

I am originally from Chicago,IL. I attended Milwaukee high school of the arts where I Majored In Art, Dance and Vocal I started off as an artist which brought up my interest In makeup. I soon started dancing on top of that and involved myself more into the performance side of the arts (makeup and performing). I started teaching ballroom dance at the age of 17 and have been teaching since then. I do makeup for many Competitions and Showcases which many of my students attend and allows for very creative makeup.


Full Makeup Application $80
Men Makeup Application $50
Bridal $300 (Includes Trial session, Full Application, Retouches)
Brides Maids/Mother Of Bride $60
Full Body Tanning $80
Tanning (A la Carte) $40
Tattoo Coverage $60 & up (depending on size)
Fashion/Catwalk $65 per model
Prom $50 per person
Halloween $60 & up (Depending on look)
Hair Makeup $40
Makeup Lessons $70 per hour
Theatre/Ballroom $60

Prices for groups vary on occasion and are quoted at time of consultation. There is an extra Cost for travel outside of Madison.


I love the way Joshua made my eyes pop. I absolutely loved it, he made me feel so good about myself. I wish he was my very own personal makeup artist!