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Marisol Aviles

makeup artist

Marisol Aviles

Woodside, NY

Your Face, Your soul, Your Beauty enhanced...

We are already Beautiful. I see the female face as a sculpture, using makeup to only enhance and carve out what is already there. I am an innovative New York city based photographer with 15 years of experience in weddings. I combine my makeup skills with my photography skills to provide you with exceptional service. Your Story comes alive in full color with my ability to express your most precious moments captured in time. I specialize in Bridal make-up, Photo shoot makeup, event makeup, and destination weddings. Whatever your makeup or photography needs are we are here to deliver.

I have an ability to capture only the most relaxed, authentic state of each joyful moment in my clients’ life. With my professional but easy-going personality, I always strive to make my client feel as comfortable and happy as possible. I currently call Queens my home and continue to challenge myself by exploring different venues in my profession. I am deeply committed to providing a healthy eating environment for my family as well as living consciously with regards to the environment.


Wedding video and Photography services; Wedding Makeup Services.