QC Career School

Devon Shelly

professional organizer

Devon Shelly

Quakertown, PA

If you've got a mess, I can end your stress!

For as long as I can remember I have always had the skill of organizing. As a kid my room was the cleanest on the block, and that is something that I never grew out of. I believe that every object in the home has its place, and it is important to establish that place. I will be able help you with the difficult decisions of what to keep in your home and what to let go, so that the end result is a clean, stress-free environment that you can be proud of.

I have done several organizing projects in my own home and the homes of family and friends, including bedrooms, attics, home offices, and a professional office building. In addition, I am skilled in holding successful yard sales in order to get the most out of the organizing process. My formal education includes a professional organizing certification from QC Design school, and I am currently pursuing a degree in Liberal Arts.


My services include an initial consultation on what you would like to achieve from your organizing process. I'll thoroughly tour the place of interest and talk with you about what you would eventually like the final outcome to be. The organizing process includes sorting through items to decide what you would like to keep and what you can part with. This can be a difficult process, and I can provide you with guidance and support, and tips on how to make it easier. Once this is decided I can help you figure out whether you would like to donate, recycle, or sell these items, and I can organize a yard sale to help get rid of them. Once the organizing process is complete I can also help with floor plans and furniture layout, so you can get the most out of your new, organized space. Before I leave I will give you tips on how to keep up with the organization, and will remain available to check in with you if you need further assistance.


"Devon came in to our office and was able to organize our storage supply closet that had been neglected for ten years. She transformed it completely and now everything is simple and convenient to find. She did such a great job we asked her to come back and organize our other office."

Erica Breiner, KCBA Architects Inc.