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Shannon Zenko

home stager , interior redesigner

Shannon Zenko

Calgary, AB

Captivating your target buyer

Welcome to Captivating Home Staging and Redesign. My name is Shannon and I am the President of Captivating Home Staging and Redesign.
When my husband and I decided it was time to sell our home in what was very clearly a buyers’ market I knew that we needed to stand out from the crowd but I wasn’t sure how to do that. I decided to take a home staging course so that I could learn what made things stand out.
I took the course and I loved it. I learned what to do to make our home stand out in a very tight and competitive market. Since completing the course I have done some work for friends and I have discovered how much I love what I do!

Home Staging Certification from QC Design School


I am an objective voice that is trained to see the things home owners often pass over. Depending on your budget and what fits you best; I offer several different services to provide you with a positive selling experience.
Have me come to your home a do a front to back room to room evaluation. A detailed list of must do’s will be provided and you simply put them into action.
A complete indoor/ outdoor room to room evaluation is done; my assistant and I will do the work for you.

Complete evaluation. Any painting or repairs are contracted out, de-cluttering and packing of items, full home stage.
Redesign services:
If you are happy with the layout of your room(s) and you aren’t looking to spend thousands of dollars on a whole new look our redesign services are for you. Painting, light repairs and “facelifts” are just some of the services we provide. Contact me today for your in home consult.


I knew Shannon had taken a course on staging and I had my current place up for sale and already had put an offer on a new place so I was really anxious to sell. I am a bachelor so it never really mattered what my place looked like as I was the only one to impress, let alone having any sense of what looked good or what goes with what.I had to go out of town so I left her the keys apologized for the mess and wished her the best of luck... When I came home 3 days later I had to go outside and check the door number TWICE as I didn't recognize the place.She used all of my existing belongings, and spent a mere $50 on things to "fuss " the place up and it looked amazing. My place sold in no time thanks to her.

I had my place up for sale and had a really dated bathroom in the family room my real estate agent suggested could use a "fix up".I was not willing to spend a boatload of money, so when she suggested hiring someone to do a redesign I was less than optimistic. Shannon came in an worked her magic in about a weeks time and managed to give me a totally different looking bathroom for less than $200!!! I was so pleased with her work I hired her to stage my entire home... Captivating is the way to go.

G. Stack