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Darlene Mackinnon

color consultant, home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner, landscape designer, professional organizer

Darlene Mackinnon

Montague, PE

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Staging and Organizing Solutions.

Hi my name is Darlene Mac Kinnon , I live in Brudenell, Montague, P.E.I. I been working since the age of 13 years old at a varity of jobs from nursing homes,landscaping, ground keeper,cleaning cottage, to traffic signaler for 14 years.
I love working with people and getting to know them on a personal level, and just making people laugh and having fun.
Iam a mother of four children .I just find it hard these days the way prices are on the rise. Every year it seems to be getting harder to find those exta jobs. Working fourteen weeks out of the year just done not cut it anymore. So I thought what can I do ?

I have been working over the last 20 year at cleaning, nursing homes and landscaping. I took courses in Professional Home Organizing and Home Staging and Interior Decorating thru QC Design School in 2011.I also took a Home Decorating course in 2010 and a Professional House Keeping Course


Showing the clients what I feel needs to be done to the home to help it sell. For example repairs & changes.
Helping clients choose the right colors, furniture arrangement, and accessories. That will appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers.
Curb appear what needs to be done to upgrade the first impressions of the home,
Helping clients pick out furniture to stage empty house.
I can offer in cases
Painting, landscaping, Photos for advertising for internet, cleaning, organizing, help pack and unpack

Organizing the home
Arranging products and items for the easiest access s, attainment, easier living arrangements in the home
Organizing closets, cupboards, offices
Introducing with new storage units
Introducing new drawer, cupboard and closet inserts, easier opening and colorful containers,
Organizing bills, receipts, files
Lowering and rising items in cupboards for easily viewing,
Death of a spouse packing of their belonging
Making zoned areas for example baking items, baking utensils ,cooking utensils, cans, dry foods,lunch making area, Etc. And placing in the most practical spaces of kitchen.
De –cluttering, sorting,
Getting rid of safe hazards, health issues like expires, meds, products, checking fire alarms, cleaning behind fridges and stoves, dryer vents


I had Darlene come in to help me find some sort of organization to my home . She was wonderful and easy to talk to ,very sweet person to have around. She cleaned and organized every room of my home , now I no where everything is and I was able to get rid of alot of clutter, She also pack away all my husbands belonging (because he had just passed away) and took them with her to donate them to a charity

Marie MacLean