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Anne Charbonneau

professional organizer

Anne Charbonneau

Ottawa, ON

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For all of your home, home office and small business needs, the professional organizing services offered by Cosmic Order can help make your organizational goals a reality, reclaim and transform any indoor or outdoor space and establish the order in your life that you deserve.

Whether you are too busy, don't know where to start, aren't able or just don't want to do it alone, the friendly and compassionate staff at Cosmic Order will work directly with you to develop an organizational plan tailored to your individual needs - offering professional support, guidance and physical execution towards achieving any organizational goal.


Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Anne Charbonneau and I am a textbook organizational personality and an 80's child - born and raised in Ottawa.

From an early age, I have always been drawn to meeting challenges with a propensity towards establishing order, implementing management systems and creating aesthetically pleasing and functional environments. Throughout my childhood, while my contemporaries spent much of their time exploring the world of shopping malls and video games, I could often be found drawing up scaled floor plans, rearranging furniture and organizing the pantry - sometimes not even at my own home!

As I am also quite interested in nature and the environment, until I realized my calling as a professional organizer, I spent many thoroughly rewarding years both working and studying in the fields of biology, ecology and environmental research and am thus committed to environmentally friendly practices and green initiatives as they pertain to my career as a professional organizer as well.


Whether you are moving or selling your home, pre-planning or preparing your personal estate or just looking for positive change towards managing and reclaiming your space and time, the professional organizing services offered by Cosmic Order can make all the difference in providing physical help and professional guidance towards your personal and professional goals including;

▪ Decluttering & Organizing
▪ Downsizing & Upsizing
▪ Moving & Home Selling Preparations
▪ Allocation Planning & Distribution
▪ Inventory & Archiving
▪ Paperwork & File Management
▪ Gifts & Collectibles

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about how the knowledgeable, friendly and creative staff at Cosmic Order can help you reach for the stars!