QC Career School

Susan Kelly

interior decorator

Susan Kelly

Manotick, ON

Classic design with contemporary flair.

I think I was six years old when my parents let me choose the wall paper for my bedroom - an apple green background with white apple blossoms. From then on I have had a deep interest in decorating and design. I live in the house I grew up in which is 130 years old. I have also travelled extensively in Europe and visited many art galleries and historic homes to soak up the atmosphere of the past, which helps to inform our choices today. P.S. The apple green wallpaper is gone.

Since the field of interior decorating was not as advanced as it is now in the Ottawa area, there was no opportunity for formal study. I side-stepped into a degree in Journalism, a brief stint with the federal government and for the last several years have operated a small HR consulting business, writing job descriptions and advising government agencies on organization design.
I am now, after years of informal study and reading of various texts on design, taking the QC Design Course in Interor Design and Decorating. The course has helped me by providing guiding principles that result not only in more beautiful rooms but also in improving the functionality of space.


Assistance in colour selection, furniture arrangement and accessorizing in a way that will reflect the owner's taste and personality. People have to feel good when they are in a room and there are many ways this can be achieved. Rooms need to be personalized and tell us a story about the people who live in them, that to me results in a room that is a pleasure to be in.