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Stephanie Correll

color consultant , home stager , interior redesigner , professional organizer

Stephanie Correll

Easton, PA

Designing simple to simply amazing.

For all who enjoy a timeless aproach to creativity than you have found your designer. I believe that the design of a home needs to follow the feelings that it provides. It is as simple as you want or as complex as you can imagine. In all of my projects I attempt to take the client and their dreams and turn it into a reality while being buget friendly. As your designer I can take your dreams and combine them with my natural abilities to organize, conceptualize and realize that your dream can come true.

Coming from an artisitc family background I have been emersed in imagination and creativity for the last 56 years. I have had many forms of inspiration that range from being involved in dance chorography, community theatre, home restoration and now earning a degree in interior re-design and home staging. Within the last five years I have been fortunate to be able to work on various projects that ranged from simple to the extreme. The projects that I have compelted in the last five years allowed me to work with various professionals that included general contractors, high end cabinate makers and various individuals from the textiles and furniture design companies. In my life I have had many stuggles and have learned how to take something simple and turn it into simply amazing.


Home Stager

De-personalizing a clients home to reduce the taste specific environment that has been created to make the home more appealable to any new potential buyer.

De-clutter the envrionment to aid in maximizing the space availble so that the visual palate of the poteinal buyer can be realized.

Organizing all available areas to allow for the potential buyer to understand how much usable space is present.

Utilize the best possible furniture layout for the home to give an insight into the function of the living areas.

Interior Re-designer

Taking a room from its original structure and collectively working with the home owner to design an envrionment that will create the unique experiance that they seek while blending the room into the existing home in a seemless way.

Color Designer

Whether the ispiration comes from a piece of art work or something obscure, I am able to find the color that reflects the idividuals tastes and enhance the overall space.


Stephanie and her designs were a dream come true. We had a small space to use as our 2nd daughters bedroom and were completly overwhelemed on how to make it work. Not only did she create a space that shines but did so on budget and on time. Our daughter couldnt be happier with her new room and neither could we!

Koury and Jessica Cook

Stephanie was able to take my "house" and turn it into my home! She added a touch of casual design with a traditional flare. My house feels inviting and warm and has motivated me to build more and take more pride in home ownership.

Paul Cleinow

We hired Stephanie to re-design our dinning room which was tired and out dated. She introduced warm earthtone colors that aided our mediterranean theme. The curtains and furniture that she chose fit perfectly as well as the touches of art. Without her skills we would have only prolonged the drabness of our inabilities and continued to have dinner in our kitchen. Now with this room completed we can enjoy the room and enjoy our dinners.

Troy and Kristin Price