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Marlene Luscombe

home stager, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Marlene Luscombe

Lanark, ON

Impressions - We Make the First One Right!

As a young girl I was fascinated by architecture, design, and decorating. With my pencil and pad in hand, I would spend hours sketching elaborate homes with grand decks, patio’s, gardens, and pools. On the inside, "Jetson" inspired furniture pieces and massive entertainment rooms would fill the living space.

When the "Barbie" dolls came out, sadly they lay strewn to the side, naked, and unkempt hair. I did not stage elaborate scripts of the good life for them as typical little girls do; I spent hours arranging and rearranging their furniture, decorating their houses, and outdoor spaces. Jewel boxes became coffee tables, cotton balls turned fancy pillows, and tinfoil covered playing cards made a stunning mirror accent! Ornate table legs became grand pillars in their massive entertainment rooms.

Friends and family began inviting me for weekends to come and help them organize, rearrange rooms, de-clutter, or stage their homes. My bags were packed instantly.

Now, as a certified International Home Staging and Re-Design Professional I am thrilled share my passion for home decorating with you.

Interior Redesign involves using existing furnishings and decor to transform your space, without the need to purchase new furniture; it recognizes the existing space and marries the architecture, the furnishings and the accessories to create an attractive, engaged home; an amazing process that rejuvenates any room in your home.

Using some unique industry techniques with your current furnishings, we can completely change the look and feel of your room…without denting the pocket book.

Contact me today to find out how redesigning your home can help you fall back in love with it again!

Initial consultations are complimentary.

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Can’t get organized? Imagine coming home to an organized space; closets, your kitchen or your entire home!

Do you have too many unorganized crannies and nooks? Is there a bunk of drawers, a main room or the entire house out of control?

Let us help you purge and de-clutter your space.

Just moved in? Too busy to unpack and get organized?

We will unpack and organize your home; everything will have its place!


REDESIGN: Are you on a tight budget and want to freshen up the look of your home?

We can provide a unique approach using most or all of your current furnishings and accessories to make your home come to life.

'Freshening-up' Services: Re-positioning accessories for impact, adding fresh flowers, etc.

CUSTOMIZED HOME STAGING: Let us help prepare your home for the market. Rather than reducing your price – let’s add value to your space from the outset. The longer it sits - the less interested buyers become, and assume something is amiss and less inclined to make an offer. We can help get you top dollar for your home and hopefully a sale within the first few weeks on the market!

Initial 30 Minute Consultation / Discussion – Complementary

Brief Consultation
Complete tour of your home, inside and out (2 hours) – Viewing your home through the eyes of potential buyers, you receive an objective, no holds barred, suggestions for repairs, upgrades, re-design ideas that will get you the best price for your home.

Full Consultation
Up to 3 Hours - Along with an Option below - Complete tour of your home, inside and out – Viewing your home through the eyes of potential buyers, you receive an objective, no holds barred, detailed list of suggestions for repairs, upgrades, re-design ideas that will get you the best price for your home.

Option A: You carry on with your life - we will transform your space into "the" place that potential buyers will want to live in themselves!

Option B: We will give you the project list, you do it yourself and we will assist with staging and accessorizing to make an impact!

Option C: We give you the project list and you take it from there.

Contact me today for your quote!

Note on Empty Homes
Almost 95% of buyers are unable to visualize what a home would look like with furniture in it. Surprisingly, rooms look smaller when empty and not properly furnished. Bare space draws the focus to even minor flaws. We can coordinate and stage your home so potential buyers can visualize what the space can be!