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Sophie Rivest

professional organizer

Sophie Rivest

Mont St-hilaire, QC

Get a handle on organization once and for all!

With over 22 years of experience, let me tell you a bit about myself, about what got me started in this wonderful world of organization. The first few years of my marriage was spent moving. We had the chance and pleasure of working outside the country. It all came down to moving 6 times in 4 years. As you can imagine, organization took a whole new meaning! Since then, I enjoy organizing everything. The benefits organization can bring to your life, the peace of mind it gives you, and yes, the joy, makes being a professional organizer my passion.


To lessen the burden associated with liquidating the estate of a loved one, we will help you identify the belongings that you and your family wish to keep and we will help you pack and move these items to your home. Once all those items have been removed, we will pack and distribute the remaining items to the charities of your choice or we will contact auctioneers. We will also clean/wash the interior of the home, making it ready to sell or rent.
De-cluttering has many benefits, but most of all, when you enter a de-cluttered home, you just feel good. The stress is gone! I can help you achieve this goal by de-cluttering your home. You will also gain much valued space!
One of life's biggest stress is moving. When our seniors move, they often have to downsize. My services will help sort, pack and unpack, oversee moving day, clean/wash new home before moving in, quickly clean existing home leaving the new occupants an excellent impression.
Arriving in our area or moving into a new home? This service is a 'clé en main'. I take care of packing/unpacking, oversee moving day, clean/wash new home, and quickly clean existing home. I also oversee the installation of phone, cable, etc.. If you're new in the area,I will provide you with all the necessary information, like location of clinics, dentists, schools, and much much more.
Tired of running around doing all the errands? Please let me help! I will gladly take your car for the oil change, pick up your cloths from the cleaners, pick up your dog's and your cat's food, walk your dog and pick up your mail when you're away. I can also wait for the furniture delivery, the repair man and wait on the line to make your appointments. This is only an overview of the services that can be done!
Learning by doing is one of the fastest ways to understand and master a task. I will guide you through the de-cluttering of your home by giving you precise plans, how-to's and tips.
Can't quite get everything done? Late for appointments or even worst, forgetting about them? Here's where I come in. I will set up a personalized time management system (electronic or paper) that will get you to your appointment on time and will also free many hours during the day!
More and more people are now working from home. This could be because you have your own company or because your employer is open with this concept. Your home office is now an important part of your daily life and it must be both functional and lively. My service will help you organize every aspect of your office, weather it be your filing systems, paper management, appointments, etc. You will look forward to going to your 'home' office every morning!