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Deborah De Melo

professional organizer

Helping you to adopt simple organizing solutions to make your life easier.

I am a Legal Assistant and a Professional Organizer. I help people to organize their work and their lives by making things simple so they have time for the more important things.

I can also help you with organizing solutions for small spaces.

I have helped people organize their homes, their work office and have provided organizing and/or staging advice for selling their home, with much success!

If you have anything you need organized please contact me at. My email address is easylivingorganizing@gmail.com. I enjoy hearing from you!


I provide an organizational consulting service which provides you with a plan in order to implement organizing solutions to suit your lifestyle needs. This includes either a face-to-face consultation or one done via Skype or via email correspondence with photos attached. I will ask you the questions in order to figure out what your lifestyle needs are. I will then compile a detailed report with the suggestions discussed as well as refer you to some products that are within your budget along with prices.

My consultation includes:

Assessing your lifestyle needs
How to de-clutter your space
Reusing and recycling
Organizational solutions
Implementation of organizational solutions
Detailed report which itemizes all of the above

I will do a follow up within 2-3 weeks in order to find out if the plan is working and if there are any areas that need to be fine-tuned. You will also have the assistance of my blog to help you along with all your organizing needs. You can always email me to ask questions.