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Camelia Nastase

color consultant, home stager, interior redesigner

Camelia Nastase

Des Plaines, IL

Desired Home - Staging and Redesign services
Maximum impact with minimal investment - your solution for today's economy

Selling your house?
I can help you sell quickly and for the best price possible whether the property is vacant or occupied.

Looking to revitalize your home?
If so, let me help you redesign your space to fit your lifestyle and create the desired home you've always dreamed of. With my training and natural eye for color, space and design I can produce amazing results to fit almost any budget. I value your time, money and energy which make your needs my professional priority.
I can transform your house into Desired Home.

Whether it's:
· improving properties' curb appeal;
· re-decorating with what you have and adding a bit of new;
· re-purposing and reusing items;
· infusing wonderful colors and creating a style that's totally you,
I can transform your space into a warm, welcoming place, perfect for family and friends.
Don’t miss your opportunity to have your home looking its best!

As an Licensed International Staging and Redesign Professional I have the skills to get the job done right every time.

Desired Home is your choice of Home Staging in The Northwest Suburbs of Chicago at a highest standard of professionalism and quality of services.

Call Desired Home for a quick, affordable and outstanding transformation of your house.

I look forward to the opportunity maximizing your house’s attributes and transforming your property into a Desired Home.


Types of services:
· occupied home staging
· vacant home staging
· new home redesign
· interior redesign
· professional organizing

Occupied Home Staging
It is extremely important if you are occupying your home while it’s on the market and preparing your home for sale can be an overwhelming task. Desired Home creates resale redesign to make your house look bigger, brighter, and more appealing to buyers. I can use the furnishings and accessories you own to recreate spaces in a new way, drawing attention to key areas you want to highlight. With the buyer’s needs and desires in mind and your budget in check, I "de-personalize" your home so potential buyers can focus on the home features versus the family that currently lives in the house.

Vacant Home Staging
Vacant homes feel cold, sterile and stark. Buyers cannot visualize the size and the functionality of the space without furnishing to give them a point of reference. Vacant homes sit on the market and sell for less then expected. Don’t let a simple thing like no furniture and empty spaces ruin your opportunity for a quick sale. Give your home a “makeover” that will WOW buyers as soon as they walk in the door.

· a through examination of your home;
· taking photographs and notes;
· a written report within 48 hours with recommendation about preparatory work regarding:
- development of a curb appeal plan for the home’s exterior and surrounding property;
- revised floor plan;
- color scheme;
- lighting;
- window treatment;
- list of furniture and accessory items to purchase;
- placement of items
· identification of areas of home that would benefit from a resale redesign
preparatory work needed to make the home ready for sale

Consultation and re-design package:
· a report regarding the recommendations for the preparation work
· the implementation of the resale redesign.

In order to give you the most accurate estimate for staging services, I offer a Free Staging Evaluation to determine what staging options will best suit your property and budget.

Consultation starts at $150/hour an average of 25% less then my competitors. A special discount on hourly rate with 10% off for any package and services for clients with disabilities.

Remember whether you are planning to sell or live in the home you love I can stage an entire house or focus on key areas, work with what you currently own or design a totally new space and give you the best professional assistance you could dream about.