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Linda Bimm

home stager, interior redesigner

Linda Bimm

Thornton, ON

Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage, is a Simcoe county based home staging and redesigning company. As you’re Staging Consultant, I have great interest in redesigning and maximizing the potential of your interior/ exterior spaces. I am committed to providing you with modern creativity, style, skill and customer service. Whether you’re selling or wanting to invest in your home to stay, Setting the Stage home staging, will insure that your home interior alterations will appeal to all of your needs.

I have completed the home staging course offered by the QC Career School which is based out of Ottawa. With my knowledge, professional training, keen eye for staging and interior redesigning, I am working to develop a modern approach to effectively and tastefully showcase any space by “setting the stage” in quality staging.


Once you decide to stage your home with Setting the Stage, I will arrange an initial consultation to put together a plan to satisfy your needs. The cost of the consult, staging and/or redesigning will be dependent on a number of factors not limited to but including: the size of the home and number of rooms considered for staging. Pricing for the project will be dependent on the complexity of the job. A quote will be issued, and at that point you will have the opportunity to review it and give me your feedback, before any project begins.

Some of the home interior services that Setting the Stage provides Include:
• Painting: Interior/exterior Walls, Ceilings, doors, trim, entrance ways, decks, porches
and any special architectural features within the home.
• Wallpaper removal/installation
• Update Rooms: kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, basements, etc.
• De-cluttering

Investing in home with Setting the Stage will not only Increase the sale value of your home but can minimize the time your house is on the market.

Visit the Contact Information section of this web page to start your quality home staging experience today!


"staged homes have a “days on market” range of about 65% less than a non-staged home and that the sale price is anywhere from 5% to 20% higher than a non-staged home. Simply stated, staged homes sell faster for more money than those that aren’t staged." -Barb Schwarz, CEO of Stagedhomes.com

-Barb Schwarz, CEO of Stagedhomes.com

"If a house doesn’t sell within those first critical weeks when one hopes for lots of activity, interest and multiple offers, most agents recommend a price “adjustment” of at least $5,000. This is money right out of your pocket! It is much more preferable to stage your home right from Day 1, and never go down the “New Price!” road." -Debra Gould aka The Staging Diva

Debra Gould aka The Staging Diva