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Dawn Hardcastle

home stager, interior redesigner, landscape designer, professional organizer

Dawn Hardcastle

Grand Junction, CO


....the warm giddy excitement of your hand wrapped tightly around the key as you inserted it into the door lock and entered as a new home owner for first time?

I can help you recapture these “loving feelings” for your home once again. By restaging your furniture layout, by de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing your personal items or refreshing with paint, my skills and experience in redesign & staging will have you falling in love with your home all over again!

Since 2004, I have been the Managing Partner and Owner of Hardcastle Properties LLC., a landscape design and maintenance company in Colorado. Prior to this date I was a home builder and developer in Northern California under the name Hardcastle Construction & Development.

My work experience comes from participating in the management, design and implementation of new home construction, existing home remodeling, landscape design and maintenance and interior/exterior painting.


My services target the every-day working homeowners who are on a smaller budget to help them achieve a living environment that gives back that giddy feeling when they pull into the driveway of their home. A nice curb appeal front yard to greet them, a refreshing clean, well organized and practical furniture layout that provides a functional use of space for entertaining on the inside that makes them excited to invite friends and family into their home. It is my pleasure to offer a number of financing options to assist my customers with achieving the most results on a limited budget.

Financially affordable cleaning, de-cluttering (out with the old), organizing, space planning and layout, painting and landscaping are just a few of the services that I can provide to my clients to bring freshness and the joy of home living into their lives.