QC Career School

Loredana Nardi

interior decorator

Loredana Nardi

Montreal, QC

Designing Your Dreams Into a Reality

I am currently enrolled in the Interior Design course at QC Design School, and I have my final project to complete before I officially graduate. Once I will have graduated, I will be working on my portfolio and gaining experience to better serve potential future clients.

Art has always been a passion of mine, but as soon as I was introduced to interior design, I knew right away this would be the right career choice for me.

Inspiration is all around us, in nature, literature, and even in our foods and from different cultures around the world. Most of all, I truly believe inspiration comes from within. Now, imagine being able to create with all this inspiration a wonderful environment within homes and commercial spaces as well. This is what I believe in, and with my profession, my goal is to realize your dreams.

Once I receive my diploma and establish myself as an Interior Designer, I eventually hope to launch my own business.


At the moment I cannot offer any of my services, but once established, I shall update my profile.

I look forward to working with you.