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Xiaorong Yi

feng shui consultant

Xiaorong Yi

Rochester,Minneapolis,St. Paul, MN

Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional /

International Feng Shui Guild Professional Consultant

Xiaorong grew up in China where Feng Shui originates. Her life is filled with Feng Shui experiences, both in her personal journey and in her over 20 years career as a university instructor and advanced consultant of HRM in China. Today, as a certified advanced Feng Shui design professional, she introduces this traditional Chinese life art to America as a way of life, while eager to share her stories and experiences.

Email: 911@fengshuiforever.com

Website: www.fengshuiforever.com


Xiaorong will offer you an affordable consultation service through providing possible Feng Shui design options suited to your budget. Combining her talent in color/space designing, Xiaorong will bring you great visual feeling around your home and/or office, as well as confidence and peace to give you a sense of well-being and sentimental contentment.

Xiaorong lives in Twin Cities area, Minnesota, United States. If you live around this area, you can expect a personal visit. If not, she can give you a consultation by e-mail. Either way - once you make Feng Shui part of your lifestyle - your space will feel balanced and inviting, which will in turn create health, wealth and happiness.

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Email: 911@fengshuiforever.com