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Katelyn Barton

makeup artist

Katelyn Barton

Chesterfield, VA

Artistry in the making.

I am a freelance makeup artist based out of Richmond, VA. I am available to do makeup for films, weddings, models, at home makeup sessions, and makeup workshops. I am willing to travel to meet my clients’ needs.

I am originally from Atlanta, GA but I have lived in Richmond, VA for seventeen years. I have a degree in Cinema and Video Production with a minor Photography. I won the 2011 CINE Golden Eagle Award for my student documentary film HAD MY DOUBTS. I am also a nominee for the CINE Special Jury Award and the CINE Award of Excellence.

Since graduating from college I have worked on feature films as a makeup artist. I have received training from the QC Makeup Academy to better my makeup skill. When I am not working on a film I am available to work with clients doing makeup for them for different events.


My services include bridal makeup, model makeup, at home makeup sessions, and makeup workshops.

Bridal Makeup: I will meet with the bride a few days before the wedding to do a makeup consultation. I will do a full makeup session so the bride will know what she will look like the day of wedding. I also offer a mini facial the day of the wedding for the bride if she so desires. Makeup for the brides’ mother and mother in-law is also available along with makeup for the bridesmaids. The mini facial and extend makeup services for additional are added expenses.

Model Makeup: I will meet the model at the photo shoot location one to two hours before the shoot.

Home Makeup Session: I will meet the client at her home to do her makeup one to two hours before her event. A mini facial is an optional service the client can have with added charge.

Makeup Workshop: I will meet the client at her home to teach a group of women how to do everyday makeup, glamour makeup, evening makeup, and seasonal makeup.