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Pamela Pike

home stager , interior redesigner

Pamela Pike

Guelph, ON

STAGING! Performance of your home to enhance the tastebuds of prospective buyers. Always there for you! Always professional! Always the

I am one of those fortunate individuals who have a vision and can “see” the design potential for any given space. My most valuable asset is my love of creating a special ambience in each room that I design. I have a flare for creating what isn't visible to others, and taking that vision to reality. My renovating and staging skills have led to great success in quick sales of my own homes at greater than market value. This innate ability to see the end results of staging a room and transforming it to a greater beauty has created a desire to help others achieve similar results in their homes.

Every home deserves to have its beauty and character shown at its utmost potential. My approach is to build a vision that supports my client’s objectives. In the case of a sale, my objective is to enhance marketability and curb appeal to achieve maximum price with minimum investment. Redesign, on the other hand, requires a design that reflects the owner’s character and lifestyle. My success in redesigning, staging and selling homes for myself and family members, have inspired me to take the QC Design course to discover the answers behind the success. Even when the creativity of our minds tells us what is right or wrong, without the technical knowledge we fail to understand the rationale. Thank you QC Design for being so informative and providing me with the tools to do even greater Staging and Redesign in the future.


Let me create a vision for you.... and make it your reality. If you are planning to sell your home, let me provide you with staging proposals that will maximise the return on your investment and accelerate the sale process. Staging can entail de-cluttering, re-organizing, re-arranging of furniture, or changes to window treatments, landscaping or color palette. All of these relative simple changes can make your home much more attractive to prospective buyers. If you intend to keep your home, perhaps a re-design can give your home an updated look and a more inviting appearance that is more reflective of your lifestyle. Our re-design plans can range from minor renovations, color and furniture changes, and overdue updates to significant reconstruction to create newer, larger and brighter spaces. These changes, whether major or minor, can increase the enjoyment of your home for years to come.
Big or small – we do it all...Always!