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Brittaney Nathe

interior redesigner

Brittaney Nathe

Sartell, MN

Ultimate Interior.
Personality for your home.

Is it time to modernize your home? Buying a new house can be expensive, instead, add your personality to your current house and make it your home.
Only you have the ideas of what your dream home is, make those dreams come true. With your thoughts combined with professional experience, knowledge and help, you will be able to design your home, affordably, the way you envision.
Focus from windows to floors, decorating to painting, all of your ideas can be completed. By working closely, a personalized experience will be attained.
Now is the time to take advantage of this service and transform your home to represent you!
Call today to learn more about how you can start living in the comfort and design you've always wanted.

Ultimate Interior is a family business focused on personalizing every clients house to make it their home. Our certification through QC Design School provides a professional guarantee on all projects. We also have the added bonus of a background in international living which makes all facets of culture attainable and able to bring to life.


Ultimate Interior can provide a wide variety of services. Our goal is help save our clients money and help them see the value of personalizing the space they currently live in. With our business be family owned we are able to keep our prices low and provide immediate and reliable serivce. Our clients can be as hands on as they would like from shopping to participating, or leave the stress to us! From window dressing to painting, decorating to rearranging, anything is possible. We offer knowledge and skills to transform any house into a personalized home!