Margaret Lott

home stager

Margaret Lott
Dallas, TX

With a little help from me, you can get a Lott more out of the sale of your home!

My name is Margaret Lott, a professional stager.

As a stager, I can make your home inviting to a wide range of potential buyers.
The more buyers who see your home, the faster it will sell. It may even sell for more than you're asking if the buyer sees a lot of competition.

My approach varies with the house and the clients. Every home and every family is unique and I will deal with them according to the client's needs and what will show the house at its best.

Over the years I have been exposed to a wide variety of styles and can tailor your needs to match the style of the house and your possessions.

Showing the house at its best is my goal and I will keep that in mind when addressing the unique challenges your home presents.

For an initial consultation fee, I can give general advice on the basic needs for your circumstances and some specific areas that will need to be addressed.

If you wish to hire me for the entire staging from decluttering up, the fee will be based on the extent of changes necessary.


The initial consultation would include:
Pointing out specific areas where repairs are critically needed and recommend appropriate repairmen.
Discussing what should be packed up, getting ready for the move and at the same time, decluttering your home.
Discussing specific areas where changes should be made in color or architectural features that should be emphasized. By the same token any feature that perhaps should be covered or minimized.
I would also offer color consulting for paint colors that go best with the house and your furniture.

A complete staging would entail:
Help with decluttering (packing to move).
Discuss in detail what areas may need extra attention when cleaning for an open house.
Help with small repairs if you wish the savings of doing it yourself.
Pick the paint colors for areas that need change.
Arrange your furniture for maximum effect with just the right accessories.