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Wendy Klaassen

professional organizer

Wendy Klaassen

Rocky Mountain House, AB

Peaceful Spaces Professional Organizing
Practical organizing solutions to turn any space into a Peaceful Space :)

My name is Wendy Klaassen and I am a Professional Organizer.
My main goal is to truly make your space your own. I believe in keeping things simple.
It is easy to feel overwhelmed when considering starting an organizing project. I will help you make a clear, easy plan to follow to help reach your goal. I will also show you effective ways to maintain your space. Most importantly I will get to know you so that your space will fit your needs and your personality.

I am a wife and mother to 2 teenage children. I have always had an interest in finding better ways to simplify my life and stay organized.
I have recently completed a Professional Organizing course and am ready to help you find your Peaceful Space.


I will show you step by step how to get the space you've always wanted.
Firstly, we would have a consultation to map out what your goals are and for me to show you the benefits of having an organized space. We would sit down together and discuss your needs and your ideas for making your space what you want it to be. I would provide a personal approach, with attainable steps and a clear plan. We would work together to give you a Peaceful Space.