Kirsten Messner

color consultant, home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner

Kirsten Messner
Altoona, PA

Setting the Stage for a Great Sale

Hi, I am Kirsten Messner. I am currently a senior student at IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania). I am studying Interior Design and Real-Estate. Once I am out of school I hope to open my own Interior Design and Home Staging business.
My personal approach to design is to listen to all of my clients needs. It is extrememly important to fully understand what they want and how they function in a certain space. If they are moving, it is important to help them ease the process as much as possible. If I have a happy client, the design process can be fun and a great experience for everyone involved.

In 10 months I will have a Bachaelor's of Science Degree in Interior Design and a Real-Estate license from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Also, I will have a degree in Home Staging and Small Business Management from QC Design School.
Currently, I have knowledge of the current computer design programs: AutoCAD, Revit, 2020, Sketchup, Podium and Photoshop.
I have had three years experience in the field working as an intern. I have worked for two different companies; Marketing and Design Service & Folcarelli Beautiful Bath. I also, through IUP, got the opportunity to re-design Indiana Borough's council room and also was asked to re-design Indiana PA's Center for Family Life. All of this experience has given me knowledge in many different areas of design.


The services I offer are Interior Design and Home Staging. For Interior Design I will work with client's to improve different aspects of thier home. As for Home Staging, I will work with client's to help them stage their home to get it ready to sell or to help it sell more quickly. My services include design within Commercial, Residential and Hospitality. Also, I can provide color and lighting consults.

If you have questions on pricing or any of the services offered please contact me.