San Diego, CA


I grew up in the Palm Springs area before moving to the beautiful city of San Diego 6 years ago. Having long considered myself to be a natural born artist, I decided to use my talent in other ways than just painting on canvases which set me on my passion to transform homes into colorful art pieces where everyone can enjoy it.

I bring unique ideas with an unwavering dedication and motivation along with a fusion of eclectic style, artistic design and considerable expertise to create a fresh and exciting design which is tailormade to your needs.I offer a daring and a refreshing approach with my out of the box ideas to provide a personalized design that is created to meet and exceed your expectations.

I believe having an artisic eye is what makes me stand out from the rest, art is about mixing colors, creating palettes, and seeing something original and that comes straight from ones mind, so you will never see the same design anywhere else that i have created.

“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” ― Émile Zola

I look forward to working with you and creating a living masterpiece together.

Kind Regards

I love bringing homes to life in a mix of color, design, style and substance which brings warmth and provides solace when needed and also is a place to unwind with close friends with laughter and good times. My desire is to give you a home which opens up its arms to you and everyone who walks in bringing you immense joy and gratification everytime you step in. I believe that you deserve the best and I will strive to provide you an experience beyond the best. Part of my commitment to help the community of San Diego grow both emotionally and spiritually, 10% of all profits from each project go to the Rock Church.


Interior Decorating
Staging Interiors (Model Homes, Open Houses, Photo Shoots)
Event and Party Styling
Personal Shopping-(Shop-A-Longs for the Home)
Closet organization