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Mary Dugan

professional organizer

Mary Dugan

Uxbridge/Worcester County, MA

Out of clutter, find simplicity…From discord find harmony…In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity- Albert Einstein

I understand how easily and quickly things can become cluttered and seem unmanageable.

I see the possibilities in all scenarios. With non-judgmental, positive, supportive and enthusiastic actions we CAN get done! Sometimes an outside perspective is exactly what is needed.

An organized home will save you time and money. I’ll find a place for everything, providing hands-on guidance and expertise. When I’m done, you’ll know what you have, where it is and how to keep it organized.

Most importantly, you'll have a peace of mind and a sense of calm that can help in all aspects of your busy life!

I have over 17 years of experience in the customer service field- making sure you are happy is my top priority.

I am technology savvy. My areas of knowledge include Windows, Word, Excel, Google Calendar and Smartphones.

I am analytical, logical and very positive. The best possible use of space comes naturally to me.

No project is too big or too small. Every project is as different as the client. You are a part of the process as much or as little as you want to be. I place a high value on your time and your property- nothing will be discarded unless you want it to be. I am here to not only help you get organized but to give you the tools to help you achieve order on your own.


Services Offered:

•Professional Organizing Services for Business and Home
- Clutter control, Storage options

•Closet Organization- Maximizing storage space for smaller areas

•Packing and Unpacking services

•Paperwork Management and Filing Systems

•Digital Organization Services- Smartphone, Windows, Email management


Mary made me feel very comfortable about the mess I was allowing her to see. She worked quick and hard and my bedroom was clear before I knew it. She was upbeat and positive and never worried for a moment that she could tackle the room.

Shella A., Mass.

She saw the potential in a possible rental property that I did not know was there- and made it beautiful.

Jim M., Uxbridge MA