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Darlene Tugbenyoh

interior redesigner

Darlene Tugbenyoh

Concord, CA

"Get the Clutter Align and Re-Design"

As a Re-Design Professional my objective is to offer a comprehensive re-design service for homes, or to a specific room using the available resources to transform the look and feel of a home, projecting the homeowner's personality and use of the room.

As a re-designer I will offer a consulting service to clients to determine the type of room style they would like to achieve and the importance of creating a focal point.
I will introduce the option of adding a color scheme to the room effectively choosing a color that will be pleasing and comfortable to the homeowner.

I am immensely passionate about using my talents, gift, vision and creativity by giving a fresh look, to a room that can be achieved without a huge costly investment.

Now that I am in the second stage of my life, having worked in the corporate world for over twenty-five years, I want to do what I enjoy doing most. Re-designing and Decorating.

I will use my creativity, imagination and the passion for re-designing to help others decorate and re-design their home to give it a fresh new look with an updated style without taking drastic financial measures.


My goal to my clients is to use my creativity, experience and ingenuity to transform your home, using your things, to give it a fresh new look and feel when you enter into your home.

If a client feel, they would like to purchase a few new items such as furniture, accessories, or give a room a new coat of paint, that too can be factored into the budget.

I will offer single rooms re-design, multiple room re-design or full a house redesign.

My goal is to give your room that 'WOW' factor when entering your home.