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Grace Carter

home stager , interior redesigner

Grace Carter

Toms River, NJ

As a stager and redesigner, I transform properties into warm, beautiful, and welcoming spaces with my personal touch of elegance and creativity. My mission is to bring out the best features and increase the value of your home.

A person can have the greatest home in his or her neighborhood, the most expensive furnishings, and world-renowned art; however, if the right feeling is missing, it diminishes the appeal of the property.

The idea is to make the necessary modifications to allow the living environment to impress upon the person living there or a potential buyer a feeling of True Home, that is, a feeling that one belongs there, sees oneself cooking or entertaining guests for example, and - most importantly - does not want to leave.

That’s my forte.

Whether you are planning a one room makeover, a redesign of your home, or trying to sell your property, I can help. And if your property is vacant or empty, don’t worry! I will do whatever is necessary to bring the magic to your home and make sure that it both captures the eyes and imagination of visitors and expedites a more profitable sale.


1. Re-designing: transforming a living space while primarily using materials already available in the home

• Making your home more visually appealing
• Refreshing your home with the right accessories and artwork to enhance other features and furniture, and add visual interest
• To reimagine and define the space for a more unique feel

2. Staging: preparing your home for sale

• Creating a living environment that is visually appealing while practical to a potential buyer
• Cleaning, de-cluttering, repairing, re-arranging, and updating the house and its contents
• The outcome is your home being presented in the best possible light which attracts more buyers and allows for higher asking and selling prices

3. Curb Appeal

• Ensuring that potential buyers’ first impression of the property -- front, side, the backyard, garden, or anything that can be seen from the street -- is positive and inviting
• The goal is to make the scene picturesque and desirable to encourage interest