Julie Rouleau

interior decorator

Julie Rouleau
Québec, QC

You will love what we can do togheter!!

I've been doing interior design and decorating for as long as I can remember. I've always loved a beautiful, warm and friendly environment. At first I decorated for my own personal interest but in the past 5 years I've started doing it for friends and family.
Seeing my love of interior design grow, my husband, who owns a construction company, started referring me to his clients and here I am, a few years later, finding myself as an interior designer!

I actually have a PhD in molecular Biology from McGill University and after my first son was born I've decided to stay home. This is when my love for interior design actually started. I found myself (re)decorating every room in the house and not long after that everybody in my entourage was asking me advice about their own personal renovation project!
My scientific background gives me an edge as you need to be organized and focused in order to "drive" a renovation ( or a new construction ) project to a completion.
I am very meticulous and I will not cut corners.
I am not only passionate about interior design, I also love to cook which actually helps in the planning of "the perfect kitchen".
I love to travel, and I am always on the look out for new ideas wherever I go!


After a brief interview over the phone to assess your needs, I will go to your house and have a "feel" of the whole house. Seeing every member of your family in their personal environment will help me better understand the "flow" of your home and maybe come up with new ideas you did not think of before.
Once we've established what your needs and expectations are, we will schedule a shopping session!
We will pick ceramics, paint colours, window treatments, floor coverings... anything needed to bring your renovation project to a completion.
If you do not have any specific tradesman, we will meet the people I most often work with and trust.
Once the job has started, I will do site inspections, to make sure everything we've talked about is respected and delivered the way we planned it.