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Mary Wyma

professional organizer

Mary Wyma

Durham, ON

Are you hiding the chaos in you home by "closing the door" and trying to forget it's there?
"Let it Go Organizing Solutions" is for you.

My name is Mary Wyma and I've always felt that I can accomplish more when my home is in order. However, I know that the business of life can get in the way and sometimes our clutter can begin to take over. I've found by experience that by cutting back on excess stuff, it has made my life more manageable.

The experience I had along with my siblings clearing out my aunt's home when she passed away has convinced me of the importance of constantly taking inventory of belongings accumulated over the years. In order that our children don't have to bear this burden, there are a number of measures that can be taken. Among them is the need to seriously evaluate "everything" with the view of freeing up valuable space.

My husband and I lived for many years in a third world country and saw how happy the people were in spite of having few material possessions. They had no problem keeping track of what they owned and were extremely resourceful. I learned from these people that happiness does not depend on what we have, rather happiness comes from spending time with family and friends. Your home can be an inviting place where you can enjoy the warmth of relationships.


Decluttering your home, room by room, closet by closet

Decluttering garages and sheds

Helping you find new homes for your excess belongings

Working with what you have to stay organized or, helping you purchase fixed and moveable storage

Space planning and furniture placement