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Diane McGrath

professional organizer

Diane McGrath

Peterborough, ON

Start focusing on your life instead of your clutter.

My approach is about simplfying . Simplyfing your life, your house, your office...your future.

One step at a time is the way to succeed.

I start with an impartial and judgement free preliminary home visit.
I'll devise a simple plan and present it to you, offering various options for you to choose from.
The next step is implementation. Working within your schedule, I'll start to free your life from clutter.

For the last 20+ years, I've worked (and excelled) in the Accounting field. While lucrative and rewarding in its own way it was not fulfilling to me personally.

I took a step back and thought about what I'm good at and what I feel would make me happy. My first thought was Organizing! I immediately signed up for the Advanced Professional Organizing course. From the first moment I knew it was a perfect fit. It was actually an easy transition for me from accounting to organzing.

You can tell when someone is good at something, it comes easy to them. This comes easy to me, I feel at last, I have found my niche.
I am happy and fulfilled at work.

Let me help YOU feel fulfilled in your life. I will show you how you can declutter and organzie your life, using my natural talent and my new Advanced Professional Organization skills.


Clutter in your home can clutter your life.

I offer a five (5) step process to solve your organizing dilemmas with professional advice and direction.

Once the initial appointment has been booked, I will forward to you a brief questionnaire to complete to help me understand your needs, challenges, preferences, budget and timing. You don't need to worry, you do NOT have to tidy up before I get there.

The consultation includes an on-site meeting to determine your exact needs. I also offer additional time via phone or email as required (up to 1 additional hour). This visit will start with an in-depth discussion regarding the vision you see for your space, You'll discuss whats not working right now, this is your time to vent!

I'll next, walk your space, taking notes and going over what YOU want fixed and offering organizing suggestions that really work!

The Plan:
After thoroughly assessing your needs, your space and what YOUR vision is for how you'd like to live, I'll develop a plan to get your space organized. I'll take into consideration, your timing, your budget and your level of investment. I will prioritize the activities to help you achieve your vision while keeping all other aspects in mind.

The Decision:
Review the list of recommended activities that I've presented you with, in The Plan and decide which you'd like Organized by Design - The Kawartha's to start with. Also you may feel that you'd like to tackle some of the jobs yourself, if the going gets too 'tough', you are able to purchase extra organizing sessions to get the job done, or simply book me for regular visits to keep things on track.

The Implementation:
If you choose Organized by Design - The Kawartha's to implement your plan, simply let me know and I'll get to work, helping you declutter your life!


Steps 1 - 4 (included)


Step 5 - Implementation

50$ per hour
additional Organization laborer 30$ per hour (if required)

All supplies, shopping time and mileage extra.
(costs given on a per job basis)

Extra Services Offered (if required):

-Shopping to purchase supplies as per client's wishes
-Selling clients unneeded items
-Disposal of unwanted damaged items, garbage associated with the organization implementation
-Recycling of unwanted/unneeded items
-Staging of the newly decluttered room
-Painting and interior design work