Erin Piggott

makeup artist

Erin Piggott

...with a splash of colour.

I'm Erin, a trainee makeup artist and professional dancer/instructor. I'm a 22 year old Australian girl living and working in London. I have a really bubbly and warm personality which is great when working and interacting with people of all ages.

As I've said above, I'm a trainee makeup artist. I haven't had a lot of professional experience but I can say that the work I have done so far is my best and I always strive to make my clients happy. I love doing brightly colored makeup looks as this matches my personality best, but there is nothing quite a fresh looking as a lovely neutral and natural look, especially for a beautiful bride. One high profile job I've had was a few years back for a friend, it was a photo shoot and the images got blown up and put out on the side walk along a beach in Australia for everyone to see, that was very exciting!


- Full makeup application: bridal, day and evening makeup, theatrical makeup, special occasions.
- Basic hair updo.
- Wedding dance lessons