QC Career School

Arlyn Balaban

home stager , interior redesigner

Arlyn Balaban

Aurora, ON


THE HOME STAGING THERAPIST will take effective steps to reduce the time your house is on the market and increase its value. As a professional home stager, I will pinpoint the areas of your house that, if altered, could drastically improve your selling experience. I have a list of resources to help accomplish the staging process. I will be there for the entire process or for particular aspects of it, minimizing the stress put on you. SELLING YOUR HOUSE IS A JOURNEY. TAKE AN EASIER PATH - CALL ME.

I am a qualified and certified home stager and redesign professional. My formal training was received through QC QUALITY OF COURSE DESIGN SCHOOL INC. In addition, I am a certified therapist who understands the stress and anxiety that can be involved with the selling of and moving from a home. I can be there to help in many ways. Whether you have already contacted a realtor or not - THE HOME STAGING THERAPIST is ready to help.


CONSULTATION: Includes a visit to your home to review interior and exterior. Notations are made regarding suggested changes or improvements to enhance appearance and value in respect to a buyer's viewpoint. A written report will be provided to you.

PREPARATION: I will offer advice and assistance on de-cluttering, de-personalizing, pre-packing, moving sales and arranging required work. Together we will prioritize the steps to be taken and assign the tasks accordingly, at all times keeping in mind budgetary and time concerns.

REDESIGN: This is the final touch whereby the presentation of your house is created. This is the visual aspect that will leave the first and last impression on potential buyers. The aim is to create a picture that allows the buyer to see themselves in this house , where their lifestyle and personality will fit in. They want to see this house as their home and this is where it is done.

PRICING AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST....some details will be required in order to provide an estimate,