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Stacey Daigle

professional organizer

Stacey Daigle

Pembroke, MA


I have worked in many fields in Real Estate.

As a Broker for many years I have learned that in this market organization and staging give Home Sellers the edge they need to meet their financial and time line goals.

Even if you are not thinking of selling your home, all of us acquire 'things' which can weigh down or hamper the quality of our lives. I can help improve your quality of life by simplifying the areas you enjoy the most.


Simplify. Very easy to say, but not always easy to do!

I can help simplify and organize your space saving you time and money and reducing stress.

De-cluttering and Organizational Services for your kitchen, pantry, basement, garage, bedroom, children's room, and other living areas. Also, your office or small business space.

Home Staging of real estate for sale or rent.

Garage Sale Organization from marketing, to sorting and tagging, to donating of items after the sale.