Joylyn Belli

color consultant, home stager, professional organizer

Joylyn Belli
San Jose, CA

Belli spazi means beautiful space! Isn’t that where all we want to be?
Every time I organize a room or closet (or even a drawer)I always

I am a certified personal organizer with a passion for helping people transform their lives by giving them simple organizational tools that fit their lifestyle.

Whether it’s your office, kitchen, garage, closet or whole house, wouldn’t you like to live in a beautiful, organized space?

As a personal organizer, my strengths are to find permanent organizational solutions that fit your life and work for you.

Being the buyer/merchandiser of 11 bakeries and delis for a small, family business, being organized was essential. From my office to each of the 11 bakeries and delis, setting up routines and techniques to keep business moving was vital. Having efficient habits, especially when preparing fresh food, was mandatory in keeping a clean, competent and productive shop.

Within our company, I was often called upon to help other department’s executive assistants by creating solutions to get all their work done. I found I was very good at listening to these assistance and asking questions that would lead me to problems these individuals had in completing tasks. By listening and asking questions, I was able to find solutions to their problems and generate routines that worked for them, as well as, kept them productive.

Having studied design and fine art at San Jose State University, I am knowledgeable in room design and the effects colors generate.