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Michelle Cole

professional organizer

Michelle Cole

Harker Heights, TX

Dress Right Dress! Simple Solutions to Keep You from going AWOL from your Home!

We aid you to construct time and space for what’s important to you. Working one-on-one with our clients, together we restructure your environment, form effective strategies for an organized lifestyle and help you prioritize organization in your daily routine. Whether in your home or your office, we motivate, empower and support our clients in their quest for organizing and productivity.
We motivate throughout the organizing process by coaching, educating and training you along the way. We facilitate the challenge of decluttering, decision making and prioritizing with strong encouragement and lighthearted reassurance to ease your organizational tasks. By creating customized systems and routines, you will achieve goals and stay squared away. All information shared between us and our clients is strictly classified.

Michelle is a retired military spouse and has vast experience with diverse situations. With twelve moves under her belt, courtesy of the US Army and four children, it was essential to be creatively organized to make certain everything and everyone has its place.
Michelle began practicing the concepts and methods of organizing at a very early age and was captivated with the concept of creating effective ways to organize time and space. Making a difference for others has always been important to Michelle. Michelle has worked in a volunteer capacity, organizing efforts for military Family Readiness Groups, local schools and businesses. Working alongside her clients, Michelle encourages and trains simple systems and routines, leading to personal organizing solutions for home, school, work and life.


To begin the process, we meet with you in your home or office to discover your strengths, challenges, priorities and goals. During the initial assessment, our goal is to analyze your organizing requirements and establish a strategy to accomplish your vision of “organized”.
With this vision, we join forces with you to create personal organizing procedures and routines. Working one-on-one, side by side, Michelle shares organizing methods, tools and training throughout the project. Not only will you successfully reach your goals, our sessions provide initiative, incentive, and empowerment to get and stay squared away.
Areas of focus:
Residential Organizing
Need assistance with closets, kitchens, bedrooms, children’s rooms, storage and training areas or even the whole home/quarters? We will help you rearrange it, stow it, categorize it and beautify it.
Document Management and Filing Standardization
Those piles can become files! Not sure what to keep, how long to keep documents, and where to keep them? We will work with you to personalize and construct your ideal document and filing standardization.
Home Offices, Small Business and Office Organizing
Work zone, desk area, project management, office efficiency and effectiveness. Starting a new business? Incorporating a business into your home office? Let us establish efficient and effective document and work flow in your home office or business.
Time Management
Tired of rushing through your day and feeling inundated? Using a variety of options including calendars, lists and routines, we will help you find stability in your personal and professional life with time management sessions.
Family NCO
Provide leadership, guidance and training by creating simple, effective strategies for a happy, organized home. Our Family NCO program views your home as an effective headquarters to control your area of operation which includes:
Supply/ logistics (grocery shopping and menus), Admin (time management, scheduling and finances), Moral and welfare (special events).
After making an assessment, we partner with you using an action plan to create systems and routines emphasizing a smooth and cohesive esprit de corps.