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Hello, I’m Professional Organizer Nicole Pearson. My job is helping busy people tame the clutter and disorganization around them. Putting order to the chaos of busy lives is the first step to achieving one's goals. My passion is helping clients make positive changes in their lives, taking non-judgmental and fun approach to the organizing process. While I am dedicated to helping my clients clear the physical clutter; I am also passionate about teaching new skills to maintain the newly organized spaces. Take the first step toward a healthy, organized home environment and contact me today.

After spending 21 years in a large family home I moved into my first apartment. A big adjustment for me to downsize my 21 years worth of belongings! Staying organized and clutter free was a challenge. I was constantly looking for new space saving storage solutions and found it difficult to find a time saving/stress free daily system that worked for me. I came to realize that other people are in the same situation as I am so I made the decision to become a Professional Organizer. I recently completed an organizing and design course with QC Design School and I am now a certified Professional Organizer. I look forward to starting my own company and helping clients live an organized and stress free life.


-Environmentally Friendly & Allergy Free Cleaning Services

-Organizing homes and offices

-Organizing Estate Sales

-Organizing Yard/Garage Sales


-Baby Proofing Homes



-Preparing vacation homes for off season

-Preserving Memorabilia

-Space Planning and Furniture Layout

-Creating a "Green" space

-Storage Planning