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Loreal Lutz
Port Franks, ON

"First Impressions Take Only Seconds, Lets' Make Every Second Count!"

About Us

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. We are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Bella Cassa Decors is a Home Staging, Redesign company, who are certified ISRP ( International Staging And Redesign Professionals). We offer tailor-made services to people who want to maximize their property’s value by creating the right first impression and minimize the time it sits on the market. These services range from, Staging your home for sale, Redesign Services, De-cluttering, Wardrobe Management.

I have been interested in Interior Design and Redesign from a very young age. I can remember changing furniture around all the time, would drag this chair there, that table there, add a table cloth here etc. I loved my Victorian doll house, it had 12 or 13 rooms and I had a lot of furniture for it, but always wanted new and different stuff for it. I remember receiving china furniture for that doll house and still have it to this day.

Over the course of 32 years I have assisted, redesigned and decorated a vast amount of homes for Friends, Co-workers, and Family Members. As an International Staging and Redesign Professional I have been trained to anzlyze a home inside and out. I know without a doubt that I can minimize the negatives and maximixe the postives to bring out a whole new look to your home.


We Provide

We a number of services to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular services are shown below. Please call for more information on services, and custom options.

Staging for Sale

Staging is: Setting the stage for the closing of sale by increasing the desirability of the home.

It is a known fact, homes that have been staged sell in less time and for more money then unstagged-staged homes!. Staging will dramatically change the feel of the home by creating a warm and welcoming feeling to the prospective buyer.

First impressions are so very important! Make every minute count. When a staged home enters the market it stands out so most buyers will want to move quickly to get a close look at it and close the deal.

Staging does not have to be costly or stressful. Bella Cassa Decors can do as much or as little as you would like. By staging your home's furnishings to create space, warmth, function; and by highlighting your home's positive features, we can prepare your home for a successful quick sale.


Bella Cassa Decors transforms spaces by applying design principles with your existing furnishings. Interior redesign is a budget-conscious approach that breathes new life into any space and produces stunning results.

In order to give a room a complete makeover it doesn't always require expensive new furniture and accessories. Almost all rooms already have the nessessary furnishings needed for a good design. As Redesigner's our goal is to transform your room/s using the home owner's existing belongings, and could be combined with new paint colours, window treatments, lighting or accessories.

Redesign can make an increidable difference on a small budget.

Finishing & Dressing

For your home to stand out in a crowded or difficult marketplace, your home must show better to prospective buyers than others in the same price range. Do you know how to arrange the furniture to maximize the space within a room?

Oversize, overcrowded room furnishings can undoubtedly damage your property for sale, Therefore leaving the potential buyer with a feeling the home is too small. Well planned spaces and clever furnishings and dressing can enhance the overall look and feel of your home.

Empty properties can look lifeless, cold and uninviting even when the property itself is in good condition and surprisingly they often look smaller when empty than when skilfully furnished and styled. People love to visualize themselves in a home.

A beautifully furnished and dressed property will show prospective buyers exactly how good it can look and feel. During and after the viewing this will implant a lasting impression of how wonderful your property was in comparison to others.

Clutter Clearance

Clutter clearance is part of what we do on a daily basis for our clients. A clutter free tidy house will enable potential buyers to see where their own furnishings and other items may fit in their new home. A clutter free home also gives the potential home buyer the feeling your property is well maintained and looked after.

We understand the importance of sentimental value and we will never insist that you eliminate or sell any sentimental items however old and battered. However if you are selling your property, we may recommend you store them away from the property or in an area they may not been seen.

Bella Cassa Decors can suggest storage solutions and recommend practical ways of categorizing items, clearing space and organizing what remains.

After de-cluttering you will see clearly an uncluttered, organized clean home, that you will be proud of and want to show.

Wardrobe Managment

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear? You clothes are living in chaos? Bella Cassa Decors can provide “wardrobe management”. We can help streamline your clothing closets and your accessories enabling you to locate the articles you really want to wear quickly and effortlessly.

We will systematically help you go through your wardrobe selecting the items that work best for you, and weeding out the old unused items that are just taking up your valuable closet space.

Grounds - clean up

Curb appeal is extremely important and is a much neglected aspect of selling your property for maximum profit. The front garden is often the first impression potential buyers see when they arrive at your property. Fact: 90% of buyers make a decision on whether they like a property or not within the first 20 seconds of viewing it from the curbside. If they don’t like outside, they may not want to see the inside, you may well have lost the sale, even before they have seen the whole property. First impressions are lasting impressions and really do count.

It is imperative that the first impression is a lasting impression, giving the potential buyer reasons to see the rest of the home and property.

An entrance way, front yard/gardens, back yard or any outside space however large or small should be viewed as another room to your property. It is a wonderful advantage to have a garden or any kind of outside space. It is a known fact that an unkept-kept, neglected grounds can damage your property potential, not just to eye, but in price as well. Making this space desirable and functional is a key factor in a great number of home sales. So make the most of it and in return you will reap the rewards..

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