Mary Murphy

home stager, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Mary Murphy
Milford, CT

Organizing for the home and office.

Many years ago I started working for small offices in desperate need of a bookkeeper and office manager. I stepped into a position that either had been vacated for months or the previous employee was not qualified to carry out the responsibilities. I found my niche by organizing one small company after another. I organized filing systems that worked for all employees, set up computerized accounting systems for cost controls and efficiency, standardized office forms and employee manuals and relocated 3 offices. Each opportunity required me to think of new and innovated ways to create a well run office.

After reorganizing offices, I moved on to helping family and friends organize specific areas of their homes. What can be better than taking a chaotic closet, home office or kitchen and turn it in to functional and calming area. It’s very doable with the right tools and inspiration.

We love our homes and spend a tremendous amount of time taking care of them with repairs, paint, fabrics, accessories and love. As the years pass we accumulate more furniture, clothes, kitchen gadgets, toys, office files, and tools, and we find ourselves tucking the items away in all areas of our home. One day you can’t open the closet without something falling on you, you can’t get to the rake in the garage without clearing a path, you can't fit the children's clothes in the closet, and you can’t fit one more piece of paper in the file drawer. It’s time to get organized!!

Organizing is as easy as 1~2~3 !

1. Identify it ~ 2. Organize it ~ 3. Enjoy it!


I offer the following business organizational services:
~ an efficient office furniture layout
~ an accounting system in Quickbooks and/or Quicken
~ an easy to use filing system
~ a quick and easy way to pay bills
~ research and implement phone systems, office equipment and health and business insurance

I offer the following home organization services:
~ organize kitchen cabinets, pantry and desk areas
~ clean and functional laundry rooms
~ clutter-free closets organized with baskets and closet systems
~ family rooms with purposeful storage, designated play, work and relaxing areas
~ clean and calming bedrooms


Mary Murphy provided kind and thoughtful planning for my bedroom and walk in closet. She listened to my concerns and took the time to fully understand my needs. Because of this she helped me get the best result possible. Plus her interior decorating flair aided in some design ideas for the rest on my home as well! She's amazing!

David M. Katz, Esq.