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Marianne Trigg

home stager

Marianne Trigg

Jupiter, FL

Experienced Real Estate Stager

Staging is preparing a home for sale by de-personalizing it and making it appealing to potential buyers.

Staged homes look better than the competition.
Staged homes sell for top dollar.
Staged homes sell faster.

I spent many years working in corporate america. Always loving real estate, I bought and sold several homes with great success. After the 4th sale, to the first couple who looked at it, I realized that all my success wasn't just luck. So when my corporate career came to an end, I decided to pursue my love of real estate but not as a Realtor but as a real estate stager, helping other people sell their properties.

The first rule of real estate is that if a property is priced right, then it will sell within a resonable amount of time. If it doesn't sell, what's going on? Is it priced unrealistically or (this is where I come in) is there something going on inside the house that people don't like.


Occupied Home Consultation- areas addressed are curb appeal, de-cluttering,de-personalizing, correct furniture arrangement and accessory placement and balance.

I will also supervise the improvements for a fee.

Mini Staging Vacant Home- Add warmth to kitchen, bathes and fireplace mantles.

Stage Vacant Home- furnish 3 or more rooms.