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Robin Willegal

professional organizer

Robin Willegal

Brodhead, WI

Helping you get through the everyday clutter, and occasional road blocks that happen in life. It is my job and privilege to help you.

I am Robin Willegal. I am 42years old. I have been married for 23years. I have 3 children, 25, 18, and 16. I know all about the chaos of school sports seasons, along with flu season. All while working and running a home. I am well practiced at handling things with a firm and gentle touch.

I have years of working with people in need. I have been a CNA (certified nursing assistant), helping to take care of the elderly. I have years of experience working with disabled adults in an in home and social activities environment. I currently work with severe and moderate disabled children, with both physical and cognitive disabilities. I have been doing this for 6years. I have also been in the martial arts since the age of 12. I enjoy teaching children’s classes the most. Teaching them safety, self-worth, and helping to understand all their capabilities is a cause close to my heart.


Things I Can Help You With From Your Home to Your Office
First Your Home
Bedrooms- Children, Master, Guest
Bathrooms- Children, Master, Guest
Living Rooms
Dining Rooms
Offices-Filing Cabinets, Desks
Closets- Bedroom, (walk-ins and small), storage
Now Your Non-Residential Office
Filing system, and cabinets
Storage area
Waiting area for clients
Conference Rooms
Once you have called me, I will be along to help you with the rest of the process. We will set up an initial meeting at the location of your concern. This will take about an hour and cost you, $50.00. During that first meeting I will take confidential notes. I will be listening to your concerns and asking you questions to make sure I have a clear understanding of your needs. After our meeting I will draw up a plan that will best address solving your needs and concerns. That may include anything from full hands on from me, to simply drawing up a plan that will be easy for you to use on your own. It will also determine the types of supplies and tools that will be best accomplish our mission, and there cost. I like to discuss cost on an individual basis. That way all things are tailored for the individual.


My mother was able to help me organize my room, and still keep my bed looking out the window, which I really enjoy.I like to draw and play my video games. Now I can do both, and keep my Mom happy with a clean room.

Martin Willegal