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Birsen Tomar
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A unique concept that will create a living environment that perfectly suits you and the lifestyle you lead.

This concept has been created to help you interpret YOUR STYLE into YOUR HOME. With this unique concept, I will incorporate the furniture and accessories you already have, into a new design for your home. I will transform your home into a reflection of your being and a touch of yourself. The result will be a stylish living environment that is a true reflection of your personality and practical needs.

Understanding color, lighting, space, pattern and textures are vital when it comes to decorating. I embrace these aspects and I use them to create a home that is as unique as you are. I strongly believe that it is important not just to understand the house you live in, but also to allow it to evolve with its occupants.

It is about YOU, how you see yourself and how you would like to reflect yourself through your home and belongings.
It is about aesthetics and functionality.
It is about the outer expression of YOUR inner style.
It is definitely a concept that puts the finishing touch to your home and reflects your personality.

A multicultural background and a passion for style
Born in 1970, I grew up in South Germany and Turkey. After my degrees in UK, I than went on to complete my Masters in Business at one of Australia's top Universities. This experience gave me an appreciation of cultural diversity from a very young age and has continued to inspire my creativity and passion for style and color ever-since.

A successful career
Moving to Dubai in 1998, I joined the Beauty & Cosmetics industry as Brand and Marketing Manager for world-renowned labels such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Estee Lauder, Givenchy and Dior to name a few. Later, I moved on to run an American Beauty distribution company. In 2008 I decided that it was time for me to fulfill my lifelong dream and passion of decorating and styling by becoming an Interiors consultant.

All combined to provide you 'Just the touch'
Combining my knowledge, passion and wealth of experience of over 17 years, I use my personality and creative talents to provide you with the practical aesthetic vision that helps you design your environment so that you feel truly at home.


Our services are designed for villas or apartments of all sizes and architectures. This styling and decorating service is the answer to your dream home with minimal or without having to buy new furnishings!

Consultation - I will be visiting you at your home. A session to bring out owner's personality, family and lifestyle is an essential part before moving into a discovery session of the house or room.

Discovery - Considering the aesthetics and functionality of your environment, the ultimate design and ideas will be shared with you with a vast range of fabric, wallpaper samples and a wide array of brochures.

Application - You will be given the choice of rearranging things in your own pace with your loved once or with my help. If you like to be surprised however, I will be happy to rearrange things for you without you being present.

Shop - A shopping list upon demand and as per your budget and needs will be prepared and discussed. You will be given the choice of shopping in your own pace or with my help and together. However I will be happy to shop for you without you being present.

Final touch and styling - The most important part lies in details. I will ensure that your home is a reflection of you, your family, your personality and lifestyle. I will make sure that you will fall in love with your home over and over again!

Prices are based on a hourly rate and may vary according to the size of villa/apartment. For more details please contact


'When Birsen visited my home her astude nature immediately knew what would bring warmth, fun and sophistication into our home. As a family of five, we all have very different tastes but since Birsen worked her magic, all we wanted to do is stay at home and enjoy it as much as possible. Thank you Birsen for your time, understanding and skill.'

Cathy's villa in Jumeirah

'What a talent this girl has! We didn't really want to spend lots of money on furniture and accessories but we were keen to refresh two rooms in our home. Birsen took up the challenge and instinctively knew what was needed. In fact she made it look like an altogether new home! With a few changes in the dining room and more work in the living room... Hey Presto! We feel like we're living in a new villa and we haven't spent any extra money on furniture. Birsen - what a transformation you made in just a few hours! Thank you.'

Susan's villa in Jumeirah

'My husband and I very much wanted to reclaim the adult space on the ground level of our family home. Through Birsen's guidance we were able to create a great new look using existing furniture that seems much more 'us'. Now we love to relax and entertain in the stunning area she created.'

Alexandra's Villa in Jumeirah

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