Lisa Muirhead

home stager, interior redesigner

Lisa Muirhead
Calgary, Airdrie & Cochrane, AB


Years in the Fashion Industry have made me realize many things. No matter the project, there is always room for improvement. It’s my job to recognize what assets your home has, and work with them creating a Fresh & Memorable look. I understand that there is more than one fashion taste out there, conservative, modern, country, you name it. I can appreciate all of these unique styles and I love a challenge!

I pride myself in working hard, and making things look fantastic. Merchandising is one of my passions, it has taught me to work with color stories, tight & large spaces, and to be creative. These skills cross over into Home Staging, helping me showcase your home on trend to bring out its assets and appeal to potential customers. Home staging isn’t about changing you it’s about enhancing what you already have. It’s your home, your space, your sale, let’s make it better!

Personal creativity is very important to me I love seeing the results of transforming something nice into something that is beautiful. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of seeing the finished product and making people happy. I’ve always enjoyed interior design, working with color, seeing the potential in any project and adding that final touch.

I will take your home, stretch the limits a little more than the rest, and add something that is going to stand out. My job is to add a design enhancement to differentiate your home from the competition, and help you sell your home faster. It’s about a Memorable home by making it Distinct.

I’ve been passionate about Interior Design since childhood. However I found myself as a Manager & Buyer in the Fashion Industry for many years, later moving into Merchandising & Marketing. I’ve now come a full circle following my interest for Home Staging.

My Bachelor of Arts Degree focusing on Special Events Coordination has allowed me to stage many beautiful venues. I have an eye for tasteful decorating, and have designed, renovated & decorated many friends & families homes over the years. I’m a creative artist who has done many paintings, experimenting with color in various ways. I feel I have an edge over competitors, for I’m young, eager, and I’m dialed into current trends.


Home Staging is the process of preparing your home for the marketplace. My goal is to make your home stand out, appeal to the largest number of potential buyers and sell it quickly at a high profit. I go beyond decorating and cleaning, ultimately your home will look bigger, brighter and warmer.

Home Staging allows potential buyers to walk into a house with a fresh set of eyes and envision their own home. Staging is more than preparing your house for sale. It’s about the art of creating moods, tailoring, and fine touches, presenting a welcoming, fresh & memorable home.

REVIVE Home Staging provides Calgary and surrounding area with a full range of Home Staging Services. I cater to a wide variety of clients, and understand that every client and property is unique. I work with every type of property, no matter the size or scope of the staging project.

I offer comprehensive staging services, taking care of everything needed to get a home ready for the market, from painting, repairs and maintenance to landscaping. Or if you prefer to do it yourself, I can guide you as needed.

After completing a detailed Home Staging Consultation, Revive Home Staging will review your needs and requirements, and recommend services to fit.


My home consultation will typically take two or three hours where I will do a walk-through room by room. Two business days following the consultation I will provide a detailed Home Staging Report outlining any recommended changes to be made, a project plan and fee. This will allow me to determine how to showcase the best features of your home and achieve its best sales potential.


By simply changing the color in your home, you can freshen up the atmosphere, and create a comfortable, relaxed mood that allows potential buyers to feel at ease. Choosing the right shades for your home, that coordinate with your furniture and home accent pieces is my specialty. I will assist you along the way.


Making a room appear larger and giving an overall feeling of space can be as simple as Re-arranging the furniture along with reducing the clutter. My assistance will help to ensure that each room flows with ease and that your space is maximized. Depending on the project, this service may be all that is needed to make a big difference to potential buyers.

In order to ensure that your home is showcased in the best possible manner, I will suggest current trends, and create more space, to help you get the best possible return for your efforts. For those rooms that are bursting at the seams, Revive Home Staging will help you De clutter and carefully pack up any family memorabilia.


Creating a home that any potential buyer would love to own is my goal. In order to achieve this I offer a “Complete Design” service. Cosmetic improvements may be necessary in some cases. In order to enhance the décor, I may suggest a more neutral color palette, removal of worn carpet or replacing outdated wallpaper with trendy new wallpaper.

As far as furniture & accessories, I will do my best to work with what you already have. But in some cases you may need to rent key pieces. Revive Home Staging will select appropriate furnishings, artwork, lighting and accessories to complete the ideal look for today’s Home Buyer.


On occasion you may have to move before your home has been sold. My design service provides current on-trend furnishings and accessory rentals to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that appeals to a large scale of potential buyers. No matter the size of your project, Revive Home Staging can transform your empty shell for a successful sale.


Curb appeal is the first impression, it is very important that the first thing a potential buyer sees creates a welcoming and lasting impression. If the exterior isn’t appealing, potential buyers may keep on driving, resulting in a loss of a potential sale.

Maximize your Curb Appeal by letting Revive Home Staging assist you with tidying up the front of your home, showcasing it with flowers and shrubs and adding the right patio accents to create an important outdoor living space.