Dalal Larisey

interior decorator

Dalal Larisey
Stittsville, ON

Decorating for you and the way you live.

Passionate about decorating since a young teenager always redecorating and advising her parents on interior design.
Dalal Larisey is an independent interior decorator. Decorating many new homes, with a ‘virtual tour’ in her mind manifesting into someone’s dream home.
Dalal and her husband have build many homes, enhancing her experience to what her clients look for Currently completing her studies with QC Design in interior decorating. Enriching and expanding her knowledge . She can offer a wide range of services including a single room to an entire home. Not compromising any specifics, ensuring attention to the littlest of details.
in a home that is ‘well thought out’. It has left her style versatile, functionable and unique.

She has currently expanded to commercial completing Centertown Orthodontics, in Ottawa, a practice that is the atmosphere of “Posh and Elegance”. An experience of style that leaves any straight teeth with a smile.


Dalal has also studied Shamanic Energy and Crystals, allowing the energy to flow through into postivie energy achieving positive results. In the near future she will be selling Geodes which will enhance energy health and prosperity in your home.