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Simone Cook

green designer , professional organizer

Simone Cook

Monmouth, IL

Is the house a mess? – Is the garage a mess, what about the basement? Do you need to get the house sold and looking presentable? Or do you n

My name is Simone Cook, I am a Professional Organizer and I am based out of Monmouth, IL. I serve the surrounding area as well. I have experience with decorating, organizing in all sorts of ways and emptying estates of deceased people.

I love being creative and especially using it to decorate, and making things more organized in a decorative way. I love taking what I already own and creating something new and more useful. So if you have a tight budget, it is not a problem. I am use to working in that way as well.
I have a close connection to Cook Construction, which is a construction business, which also delivers Fieldstone Cabinetry for your bathroom or Kitchen. So I have the connections to do anything with any room you like in your home.


So what can I do for you? I can help you get your everyday life organized. It can be quite a challenge. I am here to help. I can organize your home and provide you with tools and guidance to keep it up!
You might be in a situation where you have to get your house looking presentable because it needs sold or maybe you have to empty out a house of a deceased family member or friend?
I can also help you if you just need a redecoration in your home.

Contact me about your needs and I will let you know what I can do to help you!