Lillian Alemayehu

interior decorator

Lillian Alemayehu
Providence, RI

You tell us of your dream home, and we will come up with a beautiful design that is authentically you.

Lillian Alemayehu is the owner of Lilly Interiors and she specializes in creating Western and African spaces. She works in the United States and Ethiopia.

At Lilly Interiors, we work with our clients and within their budgets to create rooms that reflect their individual tastes and accommodate the demands of their lifestyles. It is our goal to achieve the planned project that will give our clients comfort and pleasure.

Lillian Alemayehu always had a natural passion for design but went on and pursued a degree in Business Administration. After working as an accountant for many years, she went back to school to pursue her passion in design and enrolled at QC Design School. She has always been involved in decorating her families and friends houses, by creating personal environments that reflect their personality and lifestyle which give Lillian her greatest pleasure.

She is known for her bold colors, new ideas and simplicity. Her love of warm colors produce exciting effects to different rooms.


Redecorating a room can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin and can also become expensive if you do not know who to hire. Choosing colors, furniture and accessories can be frustrating without a professional eye. Lilly Interiors will design a client’s room to her/his tastes and budget.

We specialize in interior decoration and interior styling.

We develop a shared vision with our clients and complete each project with absolute thoroughness and imagination.

We offer complete design expertise and color consultation for use in one room or throughout the project.

Onsite consultation is also available where we answer your questions and make suggestions.

Space planning, lighting plans and window treatments provide added value to your decoration project.