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Erin Haubrich

professional organizer

Sort! Don't Scramble!

My name is Erin Haubrich and I am currently working in Edmonton, Alberta. I have been organizing since I was a small child and love the process of clearing a space, culling, and making it beautiful. I help people create spaces that are free of clutter and burden. I streamline processes in your everyday life to save time and energy spent digging through excess. Organizing is about the client and what is the best solution for them. My compassion for organizing allows me to cater to each client with their needs in mind.

My work experience has been a variety of administrative and office management roles. These positions have given me great exposure to creating efficiencies within an office; including filing, inventory management, and effective workflow processes.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce in Management and am currently completing the QC School of Design, Professional Organizing course. In the future, I hope to become involved in local Professional Organizing Organizations.


Current services I offer are:

- Closet solutions
- Kitchen
- Home office organization and filing
- Garage/Attic/Basement
- Photographs/Memorabilia/Collections

- Computer Filing System
- Records Management
- General office organization

Initial Consultation: this is a complimentary 30 minute consultation where I meet with the client to review the space and walk you through the process.

Session: these are typically booked in 4 hour blocks to ensure that considerable progress in the space can be made.

Follow-up: either by phone or in-person, I will review how you felt the process went and whether the space has remained clutter-free.

I hope to provide a sensative and realistic reality to clutter in client's home. We could all use a little more easy breathing time spent not scrambling to search for things. Let's de-clutter and celebrate all of our new found space and time!