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Kate Mains

interior decorator

Kate Mains

Auburn, ME

As a Mainer from "the sticks" I embrace the Weekend Warrior approach to DIY design. Let me help you plan your upcoming project!

Hello, and welcome to my QC Site! A bit about me... It all started when I was old enough (and finally big enough) to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom, and I have been in love with designing and improving spaces ever since: from studying art and architecture in Europe, to taking design classes taught by Imagineers in the shadow of the Magic Kingdom, to designing kitchens in my home state for the past 7 years... what next? Design consultations and portfolio services for clients who enjoy the thrill of tackling their own projects, but need a plan to get started. That's where I come in!

My Day Job
* I am the Project Specialist-Interiors for your friendly neighborhood Lowe's (Auburn). It's a rockin' new program, and takes my years of design experience and amplifies it with the assistance of a dedicated GC and the entire team of pro's at the store. We can overhaul your entire kitchen or bath, from studs and joists to finished dream-come-true. Come say "hi!"
My Educational Background
* International Academy of Design and Technology - Orlando
* Level 2 certification in kitchen design - Lowe's
* Currently studying to earn my Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer certification
My Experience
* Please view my portfolio: http://www.houzz.com/pro/lowes2514/lowes-of-auburn-me


"I'm ready to update my space, but I don't want to pay someone to do the work for me. I just need some ideas to get me going..."
I hear this philosophy many times each day. Does this sound like you? For an independent soul such as yourself, I propose an individualized portfolio solution:
* We start with an in-home design consultation and define the scope of work.
* I'll take your wants, needs, thoughts, budget, and DIY style into consideration.
* I'll provide you with a comprehensive design solution that is yours to keep and refer to as you make your way through your project. Use the drawings, materials/shopping lists, installation notes, and recommendations as a roadmap to get you from A to B on YOUR schedule--with all bragging rights 100% yours to keep forever. ;)
* I invite you to contact me for more information!