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Alissa Damon

interior decorator

Alissa Damon

Toms River, NJ

Uniquely Enhanced Spaces for Everyday Living

I discovered my passion for interior decorating at a very young age. It began with my frequent hobby of re-arranging bedroom furniture and creating spaces that were visually appealing by using whatever accessories I could find. This passion has continued to grow, just as I have, and I am excited to start helping others create beautiful spaces of their own.

My goal is to provide my clients with a functional and fabulous design that is suitable to their lifestyle. My approach is simple; I am here to guide my clients through their design dilemmas and provide them with a space that is uniquely them. By combining my passion for creativity and my attention to detail with the personal style of each client, we can create beautiful living solutions together!

One of my approaches to interior decorating is somewhat unique; just as every client is unique in his or her own way. The purpose of this technique is to assist those clients who are unsure of the mood or style they wish to represent in their space. In order to ensure that every space will reflect an individualized style, I will draw my inspiration from an ensemble of the client’s choice. We will than reflect on how this outfit makes them feel and how we can incorporate similar elements into their space to create the desired mood and overall style. This method will act as a helpful tool for both the client and myself by allowing us to visualize what is most appealing to them.

I am twenty-two years old and I have lived in Toms River, New Jersey my whole life. I have an Associate degree in Communication from Monmouth University and I am currently enrolled in the Interior Decorating and Design Course at QC Design School. I have assisted family members and friends with many design choices and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Along with interior decorating, I enjoy organizing and de-cluttering spaces and I also plan to enroll in the Home Staging course at QC Design School within the next few months to earn my certificate.


Accessorize any room in your home
This service is designed to improve the look and feel of any room in your home through the use of accessories. The overall style, mood and function of the room will determine which accessories are suitable. Accessories are a great way to create an entirely new look for any room without going over budget. Whether you would like to create a more inviting guest bedroom or a living room that you would like to change with a whole new look, this service is a great option for you.
This service includes the following:
- A consultation to determine the desired mood and style of the space
- An evaluation of the room’s function and color scheme
- Proposed options of a possible theme for the accessories based on the findings from the above criteria
- A discussion of the placement and purpose of the chosen accessories
- Placing the chosen accessories on display in the space
- Client evaluation to ensure satisfaction

Improving Furniture Layouts
It is important for every room to provide a safe and direct traffic pattern and to also be correctly balanced. This can be rather difficult to accomplish in some spaces, but this service will provide clients with a solution to the problems that may be caused by their current furniture layout.
This service includes the following:
- A visual evaluation of the current furniture layout
- A verbal evaluation of the current furniture layout with the clients
- A visual of the proposed options for an improved furniture layout
- An implementation of the layout that is chosen by the client
- Client evaluation to ensure satisfaction

Quick & Easy Kitchen Makeovers
This service is perfect for clients who would like to transform the look of their kitchen, but do not have the budget for a complete renovation. Kitchen renovations tend to be one of the most expensive and time consuming design projects, but it is quite simple to create an entirely new look with just a few minor changes.
This service includes the following:
- A consultation to determine which surfaces can be easily transformed
- Determining a budget for the quick and easy makeover
- Discussing the desired style for the kitchen
- Based on the budget, we will than discuss possible options for new color schemes, resurfacing, backsplashes, accessories, hardware, furniture etc.
- Performing the mini kitchen makeover
- Client evaluation to ensure satisfaction

Designing or Improving a Nursery
Designing a nursery can be overwhelming and very tiring for parents that are expecting, but this service will take away that added stress and provide you and your baby with a beautiful, cozy nursery. It can also be difficult to design a nursery that will later be suitable as a bedroom for a growing child.
This service includes the following:
- A consultation to evaluate the current nursery and determine which necessary items may have already been purchased and which items are still needed
- Determining a budget and discussing possible color schemes/themes for the nursery
- Evaluating the space to determine the best furniture layout
- A visual of the proposed options for color schemes, themes, textures etc.
- Completing the chosen design
- Client evaluation to ensure satisfaction

* The fee for these services will be determined based on the size of each space, the amount of updates being made, the amount of time it takes to complete each project, and the client’s budget.