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Ronnie Layer-Keefe

professional organizer

Ronnie Layer-Keefe

Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Chaos no more!

I’m a Professional Organizer who can help you turn your chaos into order. With an emphasis on simplicity and quality of life, I will help you turn your space into your ‘dream space.’ By carefully listening to your concerns, I’ll devise a solution that will declutter your space and help you stay organized.
As former business executive, I understand how easy it is to be overcome with household activities and become disorganized. Life’s many responsibilities leave little time to ‘keep up’ with tasks. This is where I come in! Trained to be a careful listener, I will hear your concerns and help you prioritize. From there, we plan the tasks

A former business executive I was able to manage a busy lifestyle and stay organized. With over 20 years’ experience as a Certified Project Manager, I’ve managed projects of a global nature and now apply my project management skills to helping you get a handle on your clutter and stay organized.


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