Marie Perlmutter

interior decorator

Sewgood Creations by Marie

My name is Marie. I am a retired school secretary with a passion for interior design. I currently have a home based sewing business that I do as a second job. I have been sewing for about forty years. I learned to sew in high school and have been doing it ever since. My main sewing projects are alterations on clothing. I also make pillows, curtains and other fabric accessories. I love making things and working with my hands.

I have a passion for interior design. I watch all the house design shows on television. I also read and research all that I can about the business. I took this course to learn the business and plan to start my own Interior Design business when I get enough knowledge to do so.


I do not make any structural changes for the home. My main focus of interior design is to try to work with the existing furnishings in the home. I change the room color, lighting, fabric and re-arrange the furniture and this gives the room a whole new look. I add throw pillows, new window treatments and rugs or new floor treatments.
The cost remains low and my customers will be happy with the results.
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