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Jasmine Cochran

professional organizer

Jasmine Cochran

Hattiesburg, MS

Organize your life.

Success starts in the mind, and physical clutter causes mental clutter that creates stress and decreases your success. Sure, you can get a lot of things accomplished, but what more can you achieve with a clear mind? Much more!

An organized lifestyle saves you time and money, and it turns your home or office into a functional, simple space that is conducive to success, not stress!

Let me, an Advanced International Organizing Professional, teach you how to get and stay organized by eliminating your clutter and developing a working organizational system that is specific to your lifestyle.

Don't put it off any longer. Your peace of mind is waiting for you.


Simple Spaces can help you organize any space in your home or business. Email Jasmine@SimpleSpacesOrganizing for details and pricing.


"Jasmine with Simple Spaces is a professional organizer who meticulously studied my rooms, resolved and completed each task in the time period we allotted, and handled my things with the utmost care. Jasmine is an innovative self-starter who exceeded my expectations. She is an invaluable asset to anyone who needs order in their life. My closets and cabinets are now organized in a practical way that have made my home much more accessible to me and my family. I highly recommend Simple Spaces for your home, business, or office spaces in need of some organization."

Joy Davis

"I don't have to look at that stack of papers in my closet anymore! I'm happy that I don't have to think about that part of my house anymore!"

Nese Walls

"Bringing order to my house was so refreshing! Jasmine works so fast and efficiently--I would highly recommend her!"

Lee Ann James